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Test of Opening the Box-Monster Ring

by Alexia clark 15 Mar 2020 0 Comments

Monster Ring is great for beginners , and the appearance is pretty good!


Although the packaging is not as good as other Monster Pub products, there is are small storage bag, charging cable, and a user guide inside!


After checking carefully, I put my fingers in the ring. I thought it would be a very tight fit with a large hand like mine. After I put it on, it was smooth, it didn’t feel too tight.

It’s not like other Monster Pub products that need to be held by hand, Monster Ring can be put on your fingers. It is more flexible and convenient to use, and the speed can be adjusted easily. Compared to the Monster Pub 1/1S and Monster Pub 2, the vibration is not noisy at all. Although it cannot be connected to Bluetooth, it’s still very to use.


In summary, it is small, flexible and convenient to wear on fingers, fast charging, good battery life, moderate vibration, low sound, and horns are so cute!


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