Design Spark

The Origin of Design
Monster Pub®'s design team all graduated from world-famous design universities. They are a group of passionate artists with many years of product and app design experience. The designer team elites come from internationally renowned companies such as SONY, LG, Samsung, Xiaomi, and has also participated in well-known product design projects like Siemens and Lenovo, and have won multiple international design awards.

But the design of the Monster Pub® series is still a huge challenge for us.

Today, sex toys are still considered to be vulgar by many people, and there are many prejudices about the users of sex toys.
However, we believe that sex should be a fun and wonderful experience for all humans, not gross and obscure, everyone has the right to a healthy and enjoyable experience beyond imagination.
With this as a starting point, we hope to design products that communicate with people's hearts and minds. It should carry love and respect, have good physical and psychological feelings, and be full of sense of design and technology, so as to meet people's expectations and imagination of today's smart products

Unique Monsters

Thus, Master Gokilla, Mr. Devil and Dr. Whale were born.
In order to find the heartbeat energy of love, they came to Earth from the Monster Planet in a distant universe and became the intimate playmates of Earth girls.
They look strong and fierce, but they are naughty, handsome, intelligent, soft-hearted and lovely creatures.

The design of Monster Pub combines ergonomics with the characteristics of the Monster itself perfectly.
Mr. Devil is characterized by a horn on his head, focuses on exploring the sensitive points of body deeply.
The curvy back of Master Gokilla is good at rubbing the spark of orgasm.
Dr. Whale's elegant tail will bring the pleasure of a lover's touch and pat.
Hundreds of human experiences and data collection have helped the Monsters achieve a ergonomic figure and a flexible curve, that not only fits the body's most sensitive G spot and C spot, but also meets the needs of comfort and portability.
A gram more or less? We also carefully consider the weight of Monster Pub because we know it means more to users.

C Spot & G Spot, Serving from Outside to Inside

Science has proven that the G spot and the C spot in the vagina are the most important trigger areas for sexual pleasure.
In the latest generation of Monster Pub2, each of the body and tail have a separate customized silent power motors, which massage the G spot and C spot in the vagina at the same time. Using the Monster Pub APP to control, and you can also enjoy the strong and weak alternation between inside and outside, and the vibrating feeling, as if the rhythm of music flows in the body.
This is the Monster's unique stereo vibration function.

 Sexy Color, the Color of Happiness

Master Gokilla’s green skin indicates the protective color of the forest.
Mr. Devil’s pink skin shows that they are very enthusiastic as a volcano.
Dr. Whale’s blue skin is a gift from the ocean and sky.
Monster Pub's distinctive color has changed people's perception of sex toy.
Our design is inspired by the girls' favorite afternoon tea, just like macaron, relaxed, sweet and cozy, a little happy, and a little indulgent.

 Can the Little Monster Speak?Sure!

When Monster Pub2 is awakened, you will see the flashing heartbeat on his chest, this is how he expresses his love to you!
And your heartbeat is the source of their energy.

 We are so proud of this fun-filled design, although it creates extra engineering difficulty, it also makes the monster more vivid.

 App is the Soul of the Monster Pub

The unique App design brings soul into the Monster Pub.
We use advanced Bluetooth solutions to connect our products with the smartphone App. We hope to integrate the boundaries of physiological and psychological pleasure through software and hardware, break the limitations of time and space, and bring users an unprecedented experience.
Fall in Touch™ - Immersive swipe gestures
When the users of traditional products are still having no sexual interest due to the complicated operation, Monster Pub created a unique Fall in Touch™ - immersive swipe gestures. You can close your eyes, just like touching your body, and create your own vibration rhythm on the phone screen. Vibrations from strong to weak, fast to slow, continuous or paused are all determined by your heart and fingers.

 Save or share private vibration frequencies

Your vibration rhythm will be recorded in the App, and you can reuse it infinitely at any moment, which means you can completely free your hands and no need to endure the boring vibration modes pre-installed from the factory!
 What's more, users have voluntarily shared millions of the best original vibration frequencies in the App. Imagining that you can experience the vibration frequency of others through the unique Monster Pub. What a wonderful experience!
Just like your iPhone or Tesla, Monster Pub's hardware products and Apps are constantly updated, and will continue to implement new features.
When the new Monster Pub2 is connected with the latest App version, we have already added more crazy features for you.

 Long ∞ Distance Super Remote

Long Distance Remote Control function, even couples in Paris and Tokyo can enjoy the fun brought by the remote control of the other party. The remote party does not even need to install an App, as long as there is a mobile phone that can connect to the network.
Want to video call at the same time? Of course, no problem, just try it!

Motion Control

Like a Wii game controller, Monster Pub can use body movement to control vibration frequency. Put your phone in your pocket, walking, running, jumping, or turning around all can make Monster Pub operate the motion control function. The sweaty gym or the walk to the supermarket will be your secret play time.
We know that everyone dreams of doing something exciting, and no one will refuse a safe adventure. 

Kegel Pro™ - Kegel Precision Training System

Behind a good looking and sexy body, all girls are curious – ”What is the real sexy?”
Monster Pub Premium version has an advanced pressure sensor built-in, and the training course in the APP, Kegel Pro ™ - Kegel Precision Training System, helps users train the firmness of the pelvic floor muscles and vaginal muscles. You can check the training process in real time on your phone and get the results analysis after training. Two weeks of precision training can achieve the purpose of improving health function.
This is not only important for new mothers, but also especially for girls who want better
orgasm experiences.

Darling, you are not alone

Of course in the Monster Pub App, you can also follow other interesting people and start a secure and private chat. You don't need to worry about being spammed by strangers, the function of burning after reading can allow you to speak freely.

 The Best Coming of Age

Every amazing experience is an exploration from ideas to reality.
Every detail, from safety to comfort, from silence to waterproof, must be created by reliable materials and delicate crafts.
Each Monster Pub is the result of artistic inspiration and engineering aesthetics.
These exquisite designs were packed into the tiny and cute body of Monster Pub by our talented designers and engineers.

In order to achieve these ideas, we have strictly selected high-quality suppliers, all of whom have rich experience in digital products and smart wearable devices, rather than from the traditional Sex Toy industry.

Monster Pub is a gift for all girls on earth.
All the beautiful designs in the world are reunited with the long-awaited users.