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Can sex toys be used between couples?

durch Stan C 13 Sep 2023 0 Kommentare
Should sex toys be used between couples?

In the movie 'Bouquet like Love', there is an impressive passage: The male and female protagonists have been together for three years, and life has receded from passion. Everything has returned to tranquility, and the female protagonist is also at a loss for the current situation. When having dinner with a friend, the friend suggests to her girlfriend, "It's difficult to enhance your taste without putting in some effort, right? The female protagonist asked in response, "What's the effort?" The friend replied, "Like sex toys or something. The female protagonist also replied with disappointment, 'We haven't been better for three months. What's the use of using sex toys?'

So today's topic is: Should couples use sex toys to increase their fun?

Correctly Understanding Sexual Love

Professor Li Yinhe stated in his book "Emotions and Sex of Chinese Women": Human sex is not a vulgar character or behavior, it is not a trivial matter, it is noble and important. So what she recognizes is that sex is the fundamental need placed at the first level among the many human needs. A relationship coordinator found through data that over 70% of couples and couples' breakups are due to sexual disharmony. Even though it is known that this problem is a common phenomenon among couples, it is still surprising to see this proportion. At the same time, among its clients who consult on gender issues, about 70% of girls also report having never experienced an orgasm.

If there is no sexual intercourse nest for a long time, what will happen to a woman's body?

Physical aspect: If sexual tension is not effectively alleviated and congestion in the sexual organs is not resolved in a timely manner, it can become a trigger for some diseases, such as vocal tract inflammation, endometritis, and other female diseases.

Emotionally, it can lead to endocrine disorders, anxiety, irritability, and irritability. Work affects efficiency, and at the same time, emotions can become extremely fragile, leading to disputes and emotional breakdown with partners.

In these situations, girls can consider using sex toys to make themselves happy. 

So for couples who have a harmonious sexual life, do they still need sex toys?

Of course. The purpose of a man purchasing a male appliance product may be for his own dignity and pleasure; But if he is willing to spend time and effort choosing female sex toys for his lover or wife, then he is a manifestation of respect for his partner. Sex toys can greatly increase the fun between couples. For example, the Magic KissIt can liberate your tongue and directly suck on the clitoris. As is well known, the clitoris contains over 8000 nerve endings, and stimulation of the clitoris can easily lead to orgasm. This product can also be remotely controlled through a mobile phone, providing a more exciting experience regardless of time and location. 

So, in order to gain more joy from each other, feel free to boldly choose the toys you like.

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