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Monster Pub Honey Detective

durch C L 18 Dec 2023 0 Kommentare
More than just C-spot and G-spot
Honey Detective pays full attention to explore the secrets of your body
It will take care of all your unavailable wants
Except for C and G spot, it will responsibly detect every point on the body.

One up, One down
The shocking joy leaps out from earlobes, neck, breasts, fingertips, back...
The persistent gasping sound comes from the penetrating touch all over the body

Want to give it a try?
We've heard your pounding heartbeat

Honey Detective Wireless Double Stimulation Vibrator APP Remote Control

Understand girls’ design details better

The honey probe is deeper than ever before. It seems straight and stiff, but it has a flexible mind. The diameter of 30mm is just right. It is tailor-made for women's comfort. Don't worry about being too big and fearful, and don't worry about being too small and not having fun. . In addition, its head is also designed with concave and convex deep corrugated lines to fit the vaginal folds. It comes and goes to upgrade the touch inside the body. It can be rotated 360° when inserted into the body, and the string lines fight against the resistance of the vagina, and the G-spot is wildly stimulated. The fun of exploring honey is like climbing a ladder in a tower, spiraling upwards.

In order to take special care of the very sensitive nipples of most girls, Dr. Whale has grown a pair of tentacles specifically designed to pinch the nipples. Not only that, if you know how to play, you can also use its gentle tentacles to vibrate various parts of the body, wherever you are sensitive. The smart design of the finger clip maximizes the flexibility of the index finger and middle finger. Wear the Ring with your fingers inward, start the motor, and feel numb at the touch.

A cold toy is not in line with the gentleman's style. The honey probe will heat up immediately after opening it. When it is deeply explored for honey, it will be heated cyclically to maintain a constant temperature of 42 degrees. It will heat up and roll with you as it gradually heats up, and dance together for a long time. .

This time, Mi Tan also has a more capable foreign aid - Little Monster APP. After connecting to Bluetooth, slide the screen as you like on the APP to create your own favorite waveform. If you are a novice, you can also find the explosive waveforms shared by many players in the APP "Power for Love", and ready-made ferocious waves will hit you. If you are in a long-distance relationship, your partner can log in to Little Monster and control your ebbs and flows, triggering orgasms as quickly as he or she is right next to you.

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