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Be Brave Like Barbie

durch Stan C 06 Sep 2023 0 Kommentare

Recently, the movie "Barbie" has become popular worldwide.I wonder if everyone has watched it yet? The movie tells the story of Barbie becoming more confident and brave through a series of experiences. The large amount of Barbie pink in the movie should have touched the hearts of many girls, right? Coincidentally, the Monster Pub also has a Barbie fan product, which is Monster Pub2.

It has a cute appearance with two small horns on its head. The whole body was a gradually girlish pink. Although the appearance is cute, the functionality is very powerful.

It has dual motors inside, and both the head and tail can vibrate, and there are multiple vibration modes that will make you feel both crispy and numb. Its biggest feature is that it can connect to a mobile phone and use it for remote control, which is quite friendly for couples in different places. No matter how far apart the two are, the Monster Pub2 can easily connect and control. Even if two people are thousands of miles away, they can still experience the joy of being together.

Meanwhile, our Monster Pub2 come in Excited and Premium versions. Difference between Excited version and Premium version: there is no difference in appearance. The difference mainly lies in the following aspects:The Premium version has built-in professional micro pressure to exercise vaginal and pelvic floor muscles following the voice tutorial in the app. The built-in sensor will feed back the detected physiological indicators in real time through the mobile phone screen, which can intuitively grasp the rhythm and effect of exercise. The Excited version can't see the training data.

Every girl's heart is filled with a little monster. Use a sharp perception attitude, guard with courage and persistence, and enrich curiosity with wisdom. Every girl is a little monster. She is a long unknown but proud self.

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