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How to choose Monster Pub

by Alexia clark 15 Mar 2020 1 comment

Monster Pub is divided into five series in functionality. The first series is the Monster Pub 1/1S. The essence of the first series is their hats, especially the green hat of Master Godzilla. I really like it.

The second series is Monster Pub Baby, including Monster Pub GiGi and Monster Pub MiMi. There are differences among Monster Pub GiGi, Monster Pub MiMi and Monster Pub Baby. For the size of these three products, the Monster Pub GiGi is the smallest, Monster Pub Baby is bigger, and the Monster Pub MiMi is the largest. For the people who will buy the Monster Pub Baby, they should pay attention to the size.

Monster Pub GiGi and Monster Pub MiMi are single motor vibrators, which are quite and easy to take out. Monster Pub Baby is a dual motor vibrator, so the sound will be relatively louder, so it is not as suitable to carry outside. Although the size is the smallest, the vibration of Monster Pub GiGi is the strongest of the Monster Pub series.


The third series is the Monster Ring. Compare to Monster Pubs other products, Monster Ring is really small, so it’s more suitable for traveling.


The fourth series is the Monster Pub 2. The U-type design is great, people don’t need to use their hands anymore. My favorite is the glowing love heart, it’s so cute!

Monster Pub 2 also has several new functions, such as smart heating, dual motors vibration and motion control.

It’s amazing to turn on the motion control while playing games.


The fifth series is Monster Bang.

Monster Bang is the shining star in the Monster Pub family. The first is that when I turn on the Monster Bang, my hand won't become numb! The size of Monster Bang is great, not too large or small. It’s not too long or too thick. It can easily to reach each of the sensitive spots. If people want to buy a Monster Pub product, I definitely recommend Monster Bang.



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1 comment

06 Sep 2023 vp

I loved their monsterpub 2, it was really fun! However, I wanted to order their order model but accidentally order pub 1, if customer service get back to me and let me cancel and reorder then I am definitely giving this company 10/10!! We will see!

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