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Monster pub can be put on a par with Apple

by Alexia clark 15 Jan 2020 0 Comments

Using our sex toys can be compared to the experience of using Apple devices. Not only the products have unique design but also they are made with the highest technology.

According to Liu Bo, the founder of SISTALK Technology Co., Ltd, The emergence of “Monster pub” has largely redefined the design concept on the domestic sex toys.

Most of the world’s sex toys still focus on the simulation of the organs, although after 90’s people started focusing on esthetics values of the toys. It’s because most of the traditional sex toys doesn’t suit modern girls, although they had no choice as there were not many options on the market. The founder originally planned to build a lifestyle brand for young people, and he found a gap on the sex market and in August 2015 he decided to establish SISTALK Technology and started producing female sex toys. After one year of research, he launched first 3 initial products in 2016. Until now the company sold over 3 million units. 

If you don’t mention that there are sex toys, nobody will recognize it. You can even confuse it with cartoon ornaments, as they are totally different from the standard toys. 

Pink Macaron called Mr. Devil has two protruding tentacles on its head. It focus on the most sensitive points.

Blue Macaron called Dr. Whale has a 15-degree curved tail, which not only makes a perfect fit with the female body but also is good at elegant flapping.

Green Macaron called Gokilla comes with the row of counted dorsal fins on the back, which allows women to get a squirting orgasm. 

These three “Monster pubs” are small in size of a perfume bottle. It integrates functions of sex toys and it’s in a fresh and lovely shape which completely overturned the traditional sex toys of organ simulation. 

Moreover, the most amazing thing is that “Monster pub” brings an unusual experience through the combination of software and hardware. 

To make the experience with the toys more special, you can completely free your hands from the phone and without a distraction concentrate on your joy. There is an App called “Monster pub” which helps to control the frequency of vibrations and adjust the speed at any time depending on the feelings of the user. Additionally, it can be remotely controlled within the need of couples. 

What is more, the frequency rhythm can be recorded and save to recall it for the next time. It can be also uploaded to the Monster pub App community. Consequently, other App users can try and enjoy it the same way as you did, which brings new excitement and refreshment. The most important factor is the respect. We are showing it by knowing what kind of products users like, then designing and providing desired products. It's highly relevant to express our respect and dual understanding with the customer. 

Liu as a graduate of Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts has been a Sony UX designer and also former product manager of QuickFast and Micro. He has gained an extensive experience in the hardware and software user experience. Under his leadership, values such as respect were implemented through the design of “Monster pub”.

“Monster pub” has won two international awards from the “German Red Dot” and ,“iF design”. 

Conversation with Liu, the founder of SISTALK Technology Co.,Ltd:

Why did you decide to enter the sex industry?

In fact, we are even more than just a random sex products company, as we created around it a great and huge community that is mostly loved by girls.  Range of users is between 18 to 25 years old, so as we can see that they are quite young people. I strongly believe that sex products play a huge role of young people’s lives. I recognized that supply side of this kind of product was not enough. A big gap in this industry was the main reason why we decided to try and take this responsibility to win hearts of this group of people. That's how we enter the market.

I have studied design at the University, worked in an advertising company after graduating, and also entered a mobile-phone industry. I worked there in Sony Mobile as a designer. At the same time, i started making digital products such as apps and other social products. 

My previous experience in designing, branding, being a manger and also in creating hardware and software helped me to use all of my experience to create a “Monster pub” products.

How did you come to the conclusion that the demand is high and supply low?

The whole industry in 2015 was completely different from the one today. When we launched “Monster pub”, the entire industry has been reinvented. 

At that time, not only the supply of the sex products were low, but also products were designed in a very “rude” way. I don’t say that they were ugly, but some of them didn’t have that feeling that could attract the potential customer that was not brave enough to try. I believed that red and purple were not the only colors that can be used in sex industry. I decided to change that.

How does the young people’s life look like? What kind of lipstick, mobile phone they are using and why would they use some of these ugly, embarrassing sex toys? Because there are only two options for them. Either you buy it and you are happy with that or you just not buy it. When we do this, it’s not only an upgrade of beauty, but also an upgrade of the overall experience. 

The reason why users like “Monster pub” is that they have finally found some people that designed products for them in serious and respectful way. So many of them are happy to share their opinions with us about sex without feeling uncomfortable. There were no such products in the past, therefore people were not able to talk about it. 

People often say that the “Monster pub” looks better than other sex toys, therefore many producers are copying our ideas, shapes, colors, etc. In fact the beauty and cuteness of our products are not the key points. The important things are that there is logic behind it. First of all our experienced team determined who our customer are and then what kind of group should we target. After many social experiments and examinations, we can be sure that we know what is the most important and what our customers take care the most. That helped us to design many special and unique shapes of our products.

How do you pass this respect and feeling to users?

Our products after being manufactured can be compared to the quality of Apple products.

 In other words, when users are buying it, they will start loving it and sometimes even name the toy. They can be sure that when they talk with friends or family, they can be proud of having such a high-quality product and recommend it to the others. There is nothing to be ashamed for.

This is not a matter of a simple design, but a matter of many ideas. We have chosen the shape of these three products based on the needs of girls and what they like.

I remember Hong Huang said something that we agreed to. She said that boys that are popular among girls have about three characteristics. They are handsome, smart and naughty. Therefore, we feel that we need to combine all of those characteristics. I have chosen these three characters. They might be a little bit aggressive, but we made them very cute in order to find the balance.

For example, Mr. Devil has horns on its head, that helps to reach out to the most sensitive point. Doctor Whale, as we called, it is very good at the elegant flapping. It vibrates and flaps, so you can imagine what the experience would be like and what's more because it has a tail, you won’t feel awkward. The other one called Gokilla has a dorsal fin, when placed in the body there will be extra sensation. We want to find the point, where our customer is fully integrated with a toy and make them feel that these things are not vulgar at all. When two people were using sex toys in the past it could be embarrassing. Today 60% of our products have been created for the usage of two people. The way they are done helps people to feel good and comfortable while using them.

Before we entered this industry there were no such toys on the market. Our team really cares about good quality of life of our customers. Having an afternoon tea, eating cakes and having a coffee with friends is a typical behavior and routine for each of us. We want using our toys to be that simple, typical and normal as any of these human’s routines. We want to help people to have a joy and avoid any bad feelings or embarrassment.

With the research done, I have the knowledge what kind of products people like, and we would like to express our respect while providing such products for them. At the same time, the product might seem funny for them as a sense of humor is highly important for us.

Thanks to this kind IP design, we get customers attention. We may also solve the problem of low coming back buyers rate of sex toys. 

Yes, that’s very common that we have many returning customers, that they use various types of our products. We do our best to keep in touch with our customers and that help us to get their feelings and experiences. One of our customer who was using “Gokilla” said that it is an awesome product. She decided to buy another one. What’s more, she treat that product more like a friend than just a toy. That’s the way we engage customers with our products. If the customer is happy, he or she will upload pictures to social media as it has a big influence in the quality of life. 

Through our experience we manufactured products that are made for people that want to control all the moves of the toy without any distractions. In our App, users can control the vibration frequency of the “Monster pub" by swiping gestures on the screen.

Remote operation can also be done by couples.

Is the Chinese supply chain capability mature enough to produce such intelligent hardware sex toys?

The suppliers of “Monster pub” are also providing devices for Apple, Tesla and Amazon.


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