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by Alexia clark 15 Jan 2020


 “Monster Pub: helping women achieving their sexual fantasy through pleasurable sex toys.”


Monster Pub, a company renowned for its mastery in developing pristine sex toys and playmates, helping women achieve their sexual fantasy is at it again! This time around, the company decides to launch different sex toys for women. Monster Pub toys are dedicated to providing new and wonderful sexual lifestyles to modern girls by providing software, hardware, contents and other intimate experience services for every woman all over the world. These services are primarily centered on giving the modern girls and womenfolk the sexual life they crave but couldn’t get.

To meet the sexual desire of every modern woman, each sex toy made by Monster Pub is geared towards creating basic characters of naughty, smart and handsome individuals. To achieve that aim, Monster Pub puts great efforts on each appearance, design of every product; hence the final masterpiece, which includes vibrator, ring and wand massager. Monster Pub understands that many young, suave and cosmopolitan girls find it difficult to communicate their sexual fantasies to their partners, making them to eventually lose their sexual enjoyment. To fill the void, four major collections are made. These are Monster Pub 2, Monster Bang, Monster Baby and, Monster Pub 1S.

monster pub sex toy package

Apart from their aesthetics, details and interesting designs, every Monster Pub sex toy is made to last generations and give each individual value for every penny spent. This is because, from the moment of bringing the idea to paper, selection of raw materials, and to the final production of each toy, Monster Pub dedicated full attention to every detail, design, thereby making it possible for only premium natural materials to be selected in the final production of each sex toys. This simply means materials used for Monster Pub were not just chosen randomly but after all necessary requirements such as safety, durability, weight, health implications, aesthetic, color and other variables are duly considered. The products are designed to facilitate the necessary connection between emotion, fantasy and sexual pleasure.

While responding to questions asked by news reporters, Abby Li, the spokesperson for Monster Pub said, “One of the things that are amazing about Monster Pub is the fact that this company is developing intimate products and sex toys so every woman can finally have the desired yet elusive sexual fantasy and pleasure they crave. It is a pity that modern women have been left in the cold for a very long time – Monster Pub is out to change the narrative by creating affordable yet playmates that can give every woman sexual pleasure that has been eluding them for a very long time. For our ingenuity and consistency, we’ve won the Red Dot Design Award and the IF Design Award. Also, Monster Pub uses food-graded silicone for our products, making our products to be duly certified safe and effective by both CE and RoHS.”


Unlike other sex toys by other brands, Monster Pub creates sex products that increase tranquility, health, emotion and sexual pleasure of every user. Also, interested buyers can get a $10 discount on Monster Pub 2. At the recently concluded International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020, Monster Pub debuted a new product – Little Monsters 2nd Generation Smart Fun Eggs, which is the world’s first "motion-sensing" multi-functional eggbeater. All Monster Pub products take into account the multiple needs of modern women for sexual pleasure, health, safety, fun, and are well received by participants at CES 2020. Monster Pub mobile app can be downloaded on iOS and Android Playstore.


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