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As a leading brand in the girls’ sexy toy industry, Monster Pub® has been supported and loved by over 4 million users with its unique brand concept and innovative product design since its launch.

According to user reports and official verification, it has recently been discovered that there are many cases of illegal use of the Monster Pub® brand and counterfeit sales of Monster Pub® products in domestic and overseas markets.

As we all know, for private products that are in close contact with the human body, the requirements for hygiene, safety, stability, and after-sales reliability are particularly important. Monster Pub® genuine products have never loosened requirements and standards for this and can provide users with comprehensive protection.

However, counterfeit products are used as a means for short-term benefits and low-cost malicious deception. The quality of the silicone material is low, the production environment is polluted, and there is a serious risk to consumer safety.

Monster Pub Authentic Products VS Fake ProductsIn order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and protect the trust of users, Monster Pub solemnly remind as follows:

What guarantees and advantages does the Monster Pub have?

  1. Official quality and safety commitments
  2. Professional after-sales service online at any time
  3. Exclusive 6 Months warranty
  4. Exclusive Monster Pub App

How to buy authentic products and avoid fakes?

  1. Please purchase Monster Pub Vibrators from official channels and official authorized channels

       Official Channels:

       Global Official Website: To visit our official website Click Here

       Amazon US Official Store:To visit our official Amazon Store Click Here

Please identify the official authorization certificate displayed in the prominent position of the channel 

      2.Please identify the trademark of Monster Pub on the authentic package.

      3.Please go to the official website Click Here for security check according to the encrypted security label on the package.

Monster Pub will continue to provide comprehensive service guarantees for genuine users and continue to develop a better product experience!

How lucky the Monster Pub is to be able to travel through time and space to earth. They wish they could be the most loyal heartbeat playmate forever!

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SISTALK Technology has never authorized any enterprise or individual to use trademark and related intellectual property rights of Monster Pub® and SISTALK® to produce products individually or jointly. © 2020 SISTALK Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.