Monster Pub Bang !

Monster Pub Bang !

Vibrating SiliconeI GC Spot Dual Motor Vibrator


Unboxing Devil Powder
     Still have pointed ears. The subtle and sensitive parts of the body can't hide from her, the more you scratch, the more it itches, the more you scratch. The bending arc continues the style of each stick, perfectly fits the G point, and the maximum bending angle can reach nearly 90 degrees. Little Devil Wings, she pinpointed the position for the first time, and realized that she was a serious sex toy, and she had to look like she should. Internal and external cultivation to achieve one. The top of the wings has a bone-like design, which gently fits the sensitive touch of Peas. The reverse can also be used to open the double holes. Separate heating button, can be heated to room temperature skin feel. The switch key can still control the 8-speed frequency to meet the needs of various strong and weak experience. Double head, double vibration and double heating, and the small wings also have built-in vibration heating device, which is powerful and spares no effort. But the sound is really not small, and the vibration is loud. The waterproof integrated charging port ensures waterproof and foolproof. Comes with a special label for electric voltage 🏷 reminder.


     The shock is barbaric, and once again praised the devil stick for finding its own position, no longer a cute little cutie pretending to be cute.. The devil's horns are high-strength and precise, and the old driver immediately wants to pee when he enters the body, which can be regarded as the ultimate corporal punishment. It heats up quickly, and you can feel the hotness of the Milky Way.


Make complaints
     I love Godzilla's round dorsal fin, the devil's horns always feel a little sharp; the neck bend is a little hard; the charger socket is not universal; there is no flannel storage bag that continues the monster family, and it is not suitable for plastic bags! The biggest drawback is still that it can't connect with Bluetooth, can't connect over time and space, and can only be alone. At present, there is no monster badge, so I can't complete the claim. Hey, who are you going to talk to?


     Do not go out and enter the body of the experienced person (Beginners beware)!




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