520 With Monster Pub

520 With Monster Pub

May 20th is the day of "I love you". On this sweet day, no matter where you are, love will find you. 

Love is the most beautiful emotion in life, making the world colorful. Love can make the stars light up the night sky, make the ocean undulate, and make every life shine. On this romantic holiday on May 20th, why not say "I love you" to the TA around you and express your true heart and love.

Love is a kind of emotion of mutual understanding and tolerance. Love gives you a confidant on the journey of life and makes you no longer lonely. No matter how fast or slow, shallow or deep love comes, on this May 20th, let us learn to express and give, and use love to warm this world. Say something from your heart to the person who makes your heart beat faster. This will be the most beautiful memory for you and TA. Life is too short, we must learn to be braver in the face of love. No matter what the ending will be, on this day of May 20th, pluck up the courage to confess your love to TA.

Love is like a boat ticket to take you on a journey; blushing and heartbeat are like the scenery along the journey, making the journey full of surprises. On this holiday, a "I love you", a rose and a confession will make TA bloom with joy and cherish for life.

On this May 20th, why not break the rules and do some crazy things. Follow your heart, obey your instincts, pluck up the courage and tell TA the truth. Love is right in front of you, so close yet so far away. On this day, let us learn to be brave to love together.

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