What kind of people are suitable for vibrators?

What kind of people are suitable for vibrators?

Are Vibrator Toys Right for Everyone?


Our answer is yes!  Because we developed this product—— Monster Pub Unlimited Distance Wireless Bluetooth Vibrator !

For different groups of people, the purpose of using vibrators is different. For example, single women may be for physical needs or to fill the emptiness in their hearts; Couples may be pursuing more exciting experiences; For middle-aged female friends, scientific sex frequency can make the body healthier.


Monster Pub can meet all your needs!

  • For Singles:  You can use it manually by yourself, control it through your mobile phone, explore the experience of other people's use, and interactively send messages

  • For Couples:  Couples can be entertained by foreplay, and the App can control different vibration modes; couples in different places can also control their partners far away through the remote function, no matter where you are, you can control them through our App.
    Like Vibrating Panties  Wearable vibrators Outdoors/Shopping Malls and other public places are also waiting for you to explore together!

  • For Women:  Middle-aged women tend to relax their pelvic floor muscles after giving birth. If you want to do repair exercises, Kegel exercise is definitely a good choice. Our Premium Version of the vibrator supports Kegel training, allowing you to repair it virtually exercise program.

  • For Homosexual:  Gay/Lesbian users can use lubricating fluid to make the whole process more fun. If it is in a different place, it can become a bridge to build two people's thoughts


In a world with LOVE & RESPECT

We have a professional R&D team and will develop different products according to different needs, including Sucking VibratorG/C Spot,  Vibrator Egg, Virtual Sex, etc., with different functions, sizes and parts. 

Health and safety has always been our most important standard. Food-grade silicone material ensures that users will not experience any abnormalities; a rich and surprising experience has always been our pursuit. In research and development, we will continue to develop more modes and scenarios to explore Unknown world!

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