How to use Monster Pub?(Graphic)

How to use Monster Pub?(Graphic)

The Most Detailed Tutorial On Monster Pub


-For your safety. Do not use the MonsterPub while it is charging

-Adult using

-Avoid internal use during menstrual periods

-Pregnant's women, patients with pacemaker, diabetics, phlebitis, thrombosis and other health troubles, please consult your doctor before using MonsterPub

Clean and store your MonsterPub

-Wash it with cold or warm water and dry it when it is clean with a soft towel

-Clean it with mild soap or intimate solution

-Store it in clean and dry environment

monster pub note

 Start your MonsterPub (without App)

1.Charge for 4 hours before first use. The cable can be plugged into any USB port or USB/AC power adapter (not included).
-Light blinking: Charging
-Light on: Fully charged
• Light off: No power, or MonsterPub is incorrectly inserted
It takes around 240 minutes to fully charge a MonsterPub

monster pub structure

2.Wash your Monster Pub with soap and water.

3. Lubricate the G-spot stimulator (the head) with a water-based lubricant.

4.To turn on your MonsterPub, press and release the pleasure button on the clitoral stimulator (the thiner end).

5.To change the vibration mode, press and release the pleasure button on the MonsterPub to cycle through each mode. Or use the buttons on the remote control.

6. To turn off your MonsterPub use either the down button on the remote control. When using the MonsterPub hold down the pleasure button at the end of the ditoral stimulator for 2 seconds or when using the remote press the down button for 2 seconds.

Instructions for use (APP functions)

The Vibe mode:
A.Vibe by my own
B.Vibe with partner
C.Vibe with others

monster pub app


1.Only for people over the age of 18. Not for contraception and keep

away from children.

2.Please do not use it aggressively in case of accidents or injuries.

3.Please do not share Monster Pub products with others. Stop using

the product if there is pain or discomfort.

4.Please check the condition of the product. Do not use the product if

there is a malfunction or the product is damaged.




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