How To Choose Sex Toys

How To Choose Sex Toys

1. Dimensions.

     The size of the vibrating rod mainly includes small size rod, medium size rod and large size rod, and the same applies according to different sizes.

(1) Small size rod.

     This vibrator mainly stimulates the vaginal opening and G-Spot of women, which can improve the probability of female orgasm, and can adjust and masturbate.

     Applicable people: Women who have sexual life but are inexperienced have fewer orgasms, or women who have a slight indifference.

(2) Medium size rods.

     According to the average length of the female vagina, the size of the inserted vibrator is basically in the range of 5cm~10cm, which can be used for masturbation and flirting.

     Applicable people: Single women, couples, and couples with sexual needs can be used.

(3) Large size bar.

     This kind of long vibrator is not something that ordinary people can use. It looks terrible. Ordinary women should never try it, and don't hurt the body.

Applicable people: People who are sexually hungry and have special needs.


2. Materials.

     The materials of the vibrating rods are arranged in order from soft to hard: TPE→silicone→ABS.

     TPE material is soft, warmer and more elastic than human skin. Of course, TPE also has the disadvantage of oil leakage, and there are bacterial residues in cleaning.

     Silica gel is a highly active adsorption material, an amorphous substance, insoluble in water and solvents, non-toxic and tasteless, chemically stable, and has a high waterproof index.

     The ABS material has no special texture. As long as it is hard and a certain size is added, there will be a basic sense of satisfaction. The hard material has a strong sense of presence, and the entrance will have a fullness of 8 minutes.


3. Sound.

     I don't think there's anything shameful about using a vibrator, but talking to my parents about why using a vibrator is weird, or it happens to be the walls of the room, the sound insulation isn't great, and the vibrator bar is so loud it's embarrassing. More importantly, the vibration sound of the vibrating rod is related to the quality of the vibrating rod. Generally, the vibration sound of the motor is about 50 decibels, and the ultra-quiet motor is only 45 decibels. The quieter the motor, the better the quality of the motor and the longer the life.


4. Smell.

     This product is mostly made of silicon, and the cost of silica gel is also the highest. Even the best products have a rubbery smell, but definitely not much. The nose can only be smelled close to the vibrator, and there is only a slight rubbery smell, which is completely gone after a few washes.


5. Brand.

     The vibrator must be in contact with the most private part of the body. Therefore, when choosing, you cannot buy inferior products for the sake of cheapness. It is recommended to buy branded products. The shape is more ergonomic and is closely related to women's privacy. 

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