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Do You Use Lubricant?

How to choose a lubricant?

        Human body lubricants Lubricants specially designed for the human body have wide applicability and high safety. Human body lubricant increases the lubricating effect, at the same time, it can reduce skin damage, reduce the chance of bacteria, viruses and other harmful microorganisms eroding the human body; effectively reduce the damage of condoms and reduce the chance of unintended pregnancy.


        Lubricating oils can be mainly divided into 4 types at present: including water-soluble, silicone resin, petroleum and oily.

        1. Petroleum lubricating oil: This lubricating oil is mainly made of mineral oil or petroleum and is mainly used for anal sex, but its oiliness will dissolve latex, so it cannot be used with condoms at the same time;

        2. Oily lubricating oil: This kind of lubricating oil has a good lubricating effect and has a long acting time, but like petroleum lubricating oil, it will dissolve latex, and it is not easy to be decomposed and cleaned up in the vagina, which may induce gynecological inflammation, so Petroleum and oil-based lubricants are now basically excluded from the market;

         3. Silicone resin lubricating oil: Silicone resin has a very good waterproof effect, it is very suitable for use under water, and the effect time is long, but it needs to be cleaned immediately after the end of sexual life, the price is also high, and it will dissolve with the same Items made of various materials cannot be used at the same time as sex toys made of silicone;

         4. Water-soluble lubricating oil: Water-soluble lubricating oil is the most recommended among these kinds of lubricating oils. It has the advantages of natural and convenient use, easy to clean and absorb, the acidity is similar to that of the vagina, and it can be used with condoms at the same time. However, the action time of water-soluble lubricating oil is not as long as that of other lubricating oils, so it needs to be reapplied in time.


         In addition to the selection of lubricating oil, these precautions need to be clarified when lubricating oil is used:

        1. Do not use any other lubricating liquids instead of lubricating oils, such as olive oil, petroleum jelly, baby oil, massage oil, bath lotion, etc. It is not easy to clean the residue, which will cause gynecological infections, and will also destroy the pH balance of the vagina. Even block the urethra on both sides, resulting in difficulty urinating and urinary tract infection;

       2. When choosing lubricating oil, don’t pay too much attention to fragrance and additional functions, try to choose the principle of simple and safe ingredients and easy to use, and give preference to water-soluble and silicone resin;

       3. There is lubricating oil on the condom itself, so it is generally not necessary to use other lubricating oil, but if it is really dry, you can apply the lubricating oil to the condom and vaginal opening in a small amount and several times;

       4. Even lubricating oil with spermicidal effect is not 100% contraceptive, nor can it completely block the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. In order to be safe and avoid unintended pregnancy, it is still necessary to wear a condom;

       5. To buy regular products, read the instruction manual carefully, and clean in time after sex. Once you experience physical discomfort such as skin irritation during use, you should go to the hospital as soon as possible, and it is best to bring the used lubricating oil.



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