Monster Pub Trade-in

Trade in your eligible device for credit toward your next purchase!

If you have monster pub 1S and want to upgrade it to monster pub 2. Then it's time to do it!

Check how much you can get by following table:

Your device Your device Estimated trade-in value
Monster Pub 1S-Premium version Up to $ 35
Monster Pub 1S-Excited version Up to $ 20

Follow these steps and waiting for your brand new monster pub 2 to arrive:

  1. Send email to, includes your order screenshot (payments and product name), the pictures of your monster pub 1S, and please name the email subject "UPGRADE MY MONSTER". Please note that if you didn't sign up when you order your monster, then you can send us your order number or your order confirm email.
  2. We will check your email within 24 hours, and then according to the situation of your 1S, we will reply you the exclusive coupon code.
  3. You can place an order for monster pub 2 and use your coupon!
  4. Waiting for your brand new monster pub 2 to arrive! ❤️

NOTE: Only Monster pub 1S can join the trade-in activity.

Order screenshot example:

How to use your Credit Gift Code:
Learn more about monster pub 2:
We're looking forward to receive your emails! 🤩