What's The Difference Between G&C Spot Toys

What's The Difference Between G&C Spot Toys

GC Spot Remote Control Vibrators For Long Distance Or Solo Play 



     The C-spot is also known as the masturbation spot, and the clitoris is another name for the C-spot, which has more than 8,000 nerve endings. The orgasm during masturbation is the C point orgasm, and girls can easily get pleasure from the C spot. If in love, the boy cooperates with the touch of point C. It will better allow girls to have a sexual experience and achieve orgasm faster.

GC Spot 


     The location was first noticed by Griffinborg in 1944, but it wasn't until 1982, through the promotion of a best-selling book, that the G-spot became widely known. It is a bean-like area around 5 cm at the entrance to the vagina. The best way to stimulate the G-spot is to take a female upper position.

     Of course, the G-spot is the first to bear the brunt. After the fingers enter the vagina, you have to hook up and grope behind the pubic bone to feel the wrinkle area at most the size of a dollar coin. Open, until the whole body is paralyzed, and then the pleasure is wave after wave.

      G-spot is the gateway to open the vaginal cake tide. If you stimulate it quickly and continuously, you can feel that the center of the anterior vaginal wall slowly swells up, and the secretion gradually increases. At the beginning, one finger will feel tight. Two fingers, three fingers, to fill a lubricated vagina. And the anterior vaginal wall gradually bulges outwards, getting bigger and bigger, until the orgasm or ejaculation and then quickly returns to its original shape.

     It may be that only a considerable proportion of women have the excitement of the G-spot. Different people will have slightly different G-spot positions. Many people just haven't developed it. The stimulation of the G-spot is mainly divided into two methods: pressing and rapid friction. The stimulation method that everyone likes varies from person to person.


g spot

Monster Pub GC Spot Vibrator

     When you understand the existence of these points, and then under the action of the external force [vibrator], you will find that the beauty of wanting to get an orgasm is too simple!

The powerful and continuous stimulation achieved by the vibrator is absolutely unparalleled. The extra stimulation of two spots is exactly what many sisters need for orgasm, helping many women who have never orgasm to achieve long-awaited orgasms, and also bring satisfaction to many people.

To achieve the freedom of orgasm, just use the vibrating massage stick and start exploring from the G-spot that opens the door to a new world!


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