Monster Pub® Devil Bang [Party]

Monster Pub® Devil Bang [Party]

New Handheld Wand Vibrator For g-spot Clitoris Female Double Vibration Wands Handy Vibrating Vagina Massager


Unboxing Devil Bang, curved arc to continue the style of each stick, perfect fit G-point, the maximum bending angle can also reach nearly 90 degrees, separate heating button, can be heated can be room temperature skin sensation.

On and off key still can control 8 block frequency to meet a variety of strong and weak experience needs. Double head double vibration double heating, small wings also built-in vibration heating device, strong does not leave any room for error. Small sound, strong sense of vibration. Waterproof integrated charging port to ensure waterproof foolproof. With electric volt special label 🏷 tips. Experience The vibrations are savage, once again praise the devil horns find their niche, no longer play cute and silly cutie.

Demon horns high strength and precision, the body's subtle sensitive places can not avoid her, heating fast, the size of both ends can feel the star river rolling hot.

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Product performance description:

1. Arc body design of Monster Bang,Make it easy to get in and out.
2. Smart heating.
3. Stimulating directly G-Spot design.
4. Adopting RoHs silica, very soft and safe.
5. Long last battery: Once full charge for more than 60 mins strongest vibration.
6. Noiseless: Less than 30dB, on one knows your happiness.

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