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Sex,The most important part is the flirting before making love... If the flirting before making love is not enough, then you will not be able to find the most complete pleasure in the whole process. This is all related to the degree of psychological excitement... Before making love, first From small movements to big movements. For example, the most basic one, kissing. When kissing, your hands should also move at the same time. Slowly stroke.

At that time, you can use some auxiliary tools - Monster Pub Magic Kiss, which can stimulate the breasts and clitoris to increase pleasure and fun; especially when people are tired, using tools can be said to be more effective with less effort!

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Remember. At the beginning, the action should be slow and light.. and so on.. the action is gradually thickened. Remember.. the above steps must be written from light to heavy. From thin to thick.. to understand the rhythm... If you are familiar with the application, you can also touch it by feel... But it is recommended that you take it step by step. The next thing you will continue to touch is the legs and vagina.
These two areas are the most sensitive places for women. The method is the same as above.. But when touching the vagina, from beginning to end. Gently stroking.. Don't press hard. That place is fragile. In this case, the psychology will be affected. The whole process of love will be affected by doing this... The upper part of the action is basically about 20 minutes..

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It usually takes 10-20 minutes for women to reach a state of sexual arousal, while men are very fast, so there will be a problem, when the man is excited, the woman's citrus is not strong enough, and when the man's feeling is about to peak, the woman's It is very likely that I will feel it. In the long run, women may not feel orgasm at all, which is too tragic, so men need to increase foreplay at the beginning of sex, and it does not take too long, 15-20 minutes That is, foreplay usually starts with caress, interspersed with kisses, women generally have sensitive parts, usually nipples, earlobes, clitoris, many women have more sensitive parts, you can slowly grope and stimulate these parts. The best weapon It's the tongue! Much better than the hand effect~! Through the skills of the tongue and the cooperation of the fingers, the woman can initially achieve the feeling of sex and lubricate the vagina, so that you can better insert it later. Spend some time on foreplay, not only will the woman feel better, but the two of you will have a better and more passionate sex!

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