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A Pleasure Of Alone | Monster Pub

🍑 How does one have a happy orgasm? 🍑

      Masturbation is harmful, as if it was written into human genes, regardless of skin color, race or national borders. In order to make everyone happy alone, in the face of the menacing epidemic, the New York City Health Department has not forgotten to care about everyone's sexual needs while calling on everyone to protest scientifically.

Emphasis: While Sex Won't Spread Coronavirus, You Are Your Safest Sex Partner.






     Sexual desire is one of the most primitive human instincts, just like appetite. Privacy, but not taboo. Masturbation is a very normal thing and a sign of our growing up. Facing it, the first thing we have to learn is to admit it, face it, and most importantly, manage it. There must be no shame, escape or even disgust for it.

     Does masturbation reduce sensitivity? Many girls find it difficult to bring up their sexuality when masturbation is over. In fact, this is not because of the decrease in sensitivity, but because of the [refractory period] state similar to that of boys. Although academically there is no clear refractory period like the stage where boys are completely unresponsive to sexual stimulation after orgasm. But in fact, many girls lose interest for a short time after orgasm due to fatigue or hormones.

     Another issue is the threshold. A momentary orgasm briefly raises the brain's threshold of excitement, but this is reversible.
     In most cases, basically we can control our masturbation behavior and arrange it scientifically and reasonably. So don't worry.

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