What is Monster Pub?

Monster Pub

Is a Smart Pleasure Toys for Girls from Sistalk Technology. It mainly provides innovative experience-based products including hardware, software, content, and services, aiming to create a better lifestyle for girls around the world!




In terms of appearance design, the little monster has formulated the basic settings of naughty, handsome and smart for the product. Avoiding embarrassment is only a very primary goal, and establishing a design language that can connect the mind is the design goal.

User Mental Experience

1. After connecting to the APP, slide the screen of the mobile phone at will, and the little monster will generate infinite possible vibration patterns;
2. The vibration patterns created by each person can also be shared anonymously with each other online;
3. From the bedside to the horizon, you can interact intimately with remote control toys without installing an APP as long as you are connected to the Internet;
4. The intelligent constant temperature system automatically heats the human body to a comfortable and sensitive 42°C in 2 minutes;
At the same time, the product of Little Monster Health Edition can help women perform effective vaginal and pelvic floor muscle tightening training and maintain a healthy state; users follow the voice tutorial in the APP to exercise vaginal and pelvic floor muscles, and the built-in sensor of the product will detect The obtained physiological indicators are fed back to the user in real time through the mobile phone screen, so that the user can intuitively grasp the rhythm and effect of the exercise 


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