For Abortion Rights Act, Life Or Freedom


     With the arrival of Independence Day in the United States, news of a bill has shocked the world recently. This is the "American Abortion Rights Act". We don't discuss right or wrong here, because there is no right or wrong in politics, We're talking about how to make certain things in the world a better place.


     That's SEX! We can do our best to make it better, but how do that? The answer is Monster Pub, If you still don't know what is Monster Pub, please click here.

    How do we make it better with Monster Pub? I think it is to get rid of the constraints of objective factors, Like Time、Space、Spirit.  
    First is time, I want to have sex, no time limit, anytime, anywhere, easy to carry, no matter day or night, no matter work rest, no matter relax and entertainment, you can start anytime. Monster Pub 1X remote vibrator egg, Small size, light weight, but powerful,It is easy to carry and use outdoors or when walk in the street. Phone App Wireless Remote Control Long Distance Bluetooth Wearable Vibrator.

     Next is Space, Unlimited Distance Smart Remote Control Vibrator For Couples Play, That means No matter where you are, as long as your phone can connect to the product, you can use it with your partner. Compared to 1x , MP2 is bigger, dual motors, multiple modes, reach G Spot, C&G Same Climax, Double Ended Vibe, APP Control. It solves the long-distance partner problem.

     About Spirit, When a person feels empty, has a big change in thought or mood, and wants to find some way to let go of this feeling, A free and healthy sex life is what everyone has been pursuing, but there are still many limitations in life. We cannot fully control it. Being able to accompany you and bring you happiness is a soul bond.

     Monster Pub What we have been pursuing is love and respect, and we hope to provide you with healthier and better products and services.Care for all life, don't let human beings become soulless tools.

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