Magic Kiss Manual

Magic Kiss Manual

Monster Pub® Magic Kiss Best Clitoral Vibrator App Controlled Vibrator

1. Hand feel

The functional area is the mouth and tail. The area around the mouth is hard, so remember to apply a small amount of lubricant when playing to prevent pain from being unnoticed when very comfortable. The tail and body parts (except the base) are chubby and easy to pinch.

2. Function

The function of the tongue gives me the feeling that the tongue tip and body are in contact (it is a surface contact, not a point), and different gears have different frequencies. The function of the tail is vibration. Compared with the mouth and tongue, the feeling will be softer.

3. Waveform

(1) Licking and sucking
Gentle: Soft kiss (constant intensity, no pause)
Moderate: Smack kiss, deep kiss, pop kiss (constant intensity, no pause)
Gradual: Chewy kiss (two weak and one strong), whirlpool kiss (gradually stronger), French kiss  (gradually stronger with pauses), passionate kiss (strong and pausing)(2) Tail vibration (classified according to feeling)
Gentle: Soft tail (constant intensity, no pause)
Strong: Strong tail, powerful tail (constant intensity, no pause)
Pausing: Shaky tail, rotating tail, poking tail, rampaging tail, teasing tail (combinations of different frequencies and durations)Summary: For beginners or more sensitive people, you can try alternating between pure tail vibration/licking and sucking gently and moderately, with some gradual parts in between (the frequency remains unchanged and the body adapts without stimulation).

4. How to use

After reading many posts from friends, here is a summary of the gameplay.Preparation: Charge the magic kiss, disinfect and clean the magic kiss, take a shower and turn on the atmosphere music playlist (I recommend a jazz playlist I like), it is recommended to wrap yourself in a towel to prevent lubricant from rubbing on the quilt.Process: Turn on the tail vibration from the neck to the chest to the nipples to the genitals. You can try exploring multiple routes to find your sensitive spots. Which locations will feel more? Then you can clamp the magic kiss with your legs and stimulate the clitoris with the tail. After the body heats up, you can open the waveform in the little monster app and try one with a high click rate. Or control the waveform on your phone. In general, slowly increase the stimulation until orgasm. After orgasm, you can enjoy the aftereffects with a gentle mode.Ending: Remember to blow dry and wipe your body clean after playing, and don't forget to clean the magic kiss.

5. Sometimes, in order to better enjoy it, you can look for playmates. But according to experience, it is difficult to find good playmates. The scales between the two people need to be just right, otherwise, the following unpleasant things are easy to happen: being asked to moan, send photos, send underwear toy photos, slut shaming, no experience in controlling toys, messing around, etc. However, if you can accept it or communicate in advance, it can also be a way to play. The premise is to protect yourself, respect yourself, and you have the right to refuse anything you don't want to do at any time.
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