Labor Day:Your good helper

Labor Day:Your good helper

Celebrate Labor Day Weekend Together: Sex Toys for Couples to Spice Up Your Shared Time
This Labor Day weekend, rather than getting away for a short vacation, why not have a sensual staycation at home instead with your partner? International Labor Day is meant to honor the bond between partners, so what better way to strengthen your connection than by experimenting with sex toys designed for couples.
To help inspire you to come together this weekend, we’ve selected a few of our favorite toys for couples looking to spark greater intimacy and pleasure. These toys can enhance foreplay, increase arousal during sex, and even take you over the edge to pulse-pounding orgasms - together.

For Sensual Massage: Monster Pub Play
This rechargeable wand vibrator delivers rumbly vibrations perfect for massaging each other’s erogenous zones. Use it to soothe tired muscles after a stressful workweek or tease sensitive areas like nipples, clitoris, perineum and G-Spot. With one button controls and multiple intensity levels, you’re in for a relaxing yet arousing couples massage experience.

To Spice Up Oral Sex: Magic Kiss
This whisper-quiet clitoral stimulator uses gentle suction waves and pulsations to stimulate her sensitive area, while leaving room for mouths and hands to roam freely. Use the Melt during oral sex or foreplay and watch her squirm in delight under its touch. She gets stimulating suction sensations while still feeling your tongue - a win-win for any couple looking to enhance their intimate activities this long weekend.

For Pulse-Pounding Penetration: Monster Pub 2
This C-shaped vibrator hugs her body to deliver powerful vibrations to her clitoris and G-spot. The slimmer end slides into the vagina, while the wider end sits outside stimulating her clitoral area. MP2 features an ‘ultra-powerful’ motor, 8 unique vibration modes and can be controlled via remote or Monster Pub app for customized stimulation. Use it during penetrative sex to stimulate you both - the vibrations will reverberate through the thin wall separating the vagina and the penis, amplifying pleasure for mutually intense climaxes.

Wearable Panties: Monster Pub 1X
Take Pleasure Into Your Own Hands: A Remote Vibrator for Discreet Delight
Regain the thrill of excitement and spontaneity in your intimate life with a remote control wearable vibrator. Slip this whisper-quiet vibrator into place and phone app remote to your partner. With just the gently swipe the phone screen, they can tease and please you from across the room at a party or in public, turning an ordinary moment into an erotic secret between the two of you.
Our remote vibrator features a flexible silicone form that hugs your body and delivers powerful yet discreet rumbly vibrations directly to your most sensitive spot.
Our remote vibrator lets your partner surprise you with stimulation when and where they want. Its whisper-quiet yet powerful motor keeps your arousing secret safe from detection whether at a restaurant, cinema or backyard BBQ with friends or family close by. Slip into the vibrator, pass over the remote and see where the mood takes you. Stay close, go slow and savor each sensation for extended, orgasmic sex with your partner this Labor Day.

This holiday weekend, don’t settle for a routine relationship. Reconnect physically and emotionally with your lover using sex toys crafted for couples. From sensual massages to clitoral suction, vibrating rings and dual stimulation, we have passion-enhancing products to match every intimacy need. Celebrate your labor of love together - you both deserve endless pleasure. Visit our online store to shop discreetly now. Your shared ecstasy is just a click away!
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