2023 New Year Wish

2023 New Year Wish

Monster Pub Explore Pleasure

We have been trying to develop a resonance toy with high value, full functionality and a very good experience. If you do not have a partner just a single person, do not immediately go away, this toy can not only be shared by couples, a single person can also play, yes, whether a boy alone or a girl alone can play! It is simply a universal toy!

After playing high on their own, I also tried the street remote control shame play recommended by netizens (really shy ~), let my boyfriend hold the remote control, we went to the cinema, just now the cinema is not able to sit together, so deliberately bought two kinds of location far apart, I sat in the front row, the boyfriend sat a few rows behind to remote control me.


Looking for a  wearable vibrator? Monster Pub 1X  can be used as a bullet vibrator, but its shape was designed to tuck comfortably into your underwear for clitoral stimulation anywhere you go. Your partner doesn't have to be around to control it, either. This clit massager can be paired to any smartphone from the Monster Pub App, which allows users to control the settings anywhere on the planet. Whoever controls the panty vibrator can also create endless custom vibration patterns with the tap of a finger, which will make phone sex, interactive game, virtual moments steamier than ever.

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