Which Are The Monster Pub Series Products? (一)

Which Are The Monster Pub Series Products? (一)

Sistalk Technology Timeline

Introduction: Monster Pub is an intelligent and pleasant toy for Internet celebrities under Sistalk Technology. It mainly provides innovative experience-based products including hardware, software, content, and services.
Slogan:  Aims to create a better lifestyle for girls around the world.
Appearance industrial design: In terms of appearance design, the little monster has made the basic setting of naughty, handsome and smart for the product. Avoiding embarrassment is only a very primary goal, and establishing a design language that can connect the mind is its design purpose.

Sistalk Technology
Monster Pub 1X :  From Mr.Devil, who mainly focuses on sensitive points, and M.Godzilla, who is frictional orgasmic sparks,
Formed with Dr. Whale, who is good at slapping gracefully,
Monster Pub Baby : The cute version of monster pub also has three members, M.Godzilla, Dr.Whale and Mr.Devil, each with their own unique skills. The two-color macaron color matching process is adopted, and the planetary shape of the monster home is reproduced at the end. In terms of function, baby has upgraded the functions of monster pub 1st generation mobile phone control and remote control. In addition, a powerful Emontionic II motor is built in the head and tail, which can realize the Stereo WavesTM that shuttles inside and outside.
Monster Pub Magic Kiss:   A sucking member of the monster pub family. The appearance is cute and cute, and the double-layer silicone feels soft.
Designs such as high-strength motor-driven eardrum, three-dimensional mouth shape, deep airbag mouth, soft jelly tongue stirring, etc., jointly create local airflow changes and bring the experience of sucking and licking.

In addition to the head sucking, the tail has a built-in independent powerful silent motor, which can absorb and shock, and can be used for both animals.

The product has built-in 5 kinds of selected mouth licking and 3 kinds of tail vibration frequencies; it can also be connected to the mobile APP for real-time control by swiping the screen, and experience unlimited variations in strength and weakness; in addition, there are remote control and mouth shape sharing. , Monster Stage... and many more interesting features.
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