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What is a Lick Sucker?

The clitoris is a magical organ, and the "little beanies" we can see from the outside are just the "tip of the iceberg".

In fact, the clitoris is mainly composed of the clitoral head, the cavernous body, and the clitoral peduncles, in an inverted "Y" shape. Only the clitoral head is exposed on the surface of the body. The physiological structure of the clitoris is very similar to that of the male penis. It will also become congested and erect when sexually excited, and there is also a clitoral foreskin similar to the foreskin of the penis, which protects the "clitoral head" from excessive external damage.

The clitoral head is the most sensitive part of women, with more than 8,000 nerve endings (2 to 3 times that of the glans penis). External stimulation of the clitoral head will lead to clitoral orgasm, which is extremely important in terms of sexual response. The corpus cavernosum is engorged and erected during sexual arousal, like a penis. The clitoris has no venous plexus, and the erection is weak, so it can be congested and relaxed in a short time, which is why women can have multiple orgasms.

The traditional view that vaginal orgasm or G-spot orgasm is essentially achieved by stimulating the clitoral feet around the vagina, so the essence of vaginal orgasm is clitoral orgasm.
The clitoral peduncle has far fewer nerve endings than the clitoral head, which is why vaginal orgasm is more difficult to achieve.

Some people worry that masturbating too intensely will damage the clitoris? What should I do if I can only achieve a clitoral orgasm but not a vaginal orgasm? Unless you're masturbating 24 hours a day, masturbation generally doesn't damage the clitoris. It is also not recommended to masturbate too frequently, otherwise it is likely to gradually become less sensitive to stimulation, that is, it will be less easy to reach orgasm in the future.


Lick Sucker is a massager that stimulates the clitoris and surrounding facial areas. Monster Pub Magic Kiss is a  Smart APP Remote Control Vibrator, Stimulate the clitoris by sucking, licking, vibrating and other modes, professional mouth massage method, quickly bring you to orgasm, 8 vibration modes, dual motors, wireless mobile phone remote control, the magic of flirting with couples in different places!

It should be noted that sex is ultimately a physical and spiritual movement. Orgasm is not the ultimate goal of sex. There is no need to force it. It is more important to relax and enjoy the moment with your body.

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