Need To Wear Condoms When Using Toys?

Need To Wear Condoms When Using Toys?

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    In fact, there is no absolute answer to the question of whether to use condoms when Need To Wear Condoms When Using Toys?.
     If you do a good job of cleaning before using the toy, there is no need to wear a condom.

     Girls have Lactobacillus in their vagina.
The function of lactobacillus is to purify the vaginal environment and eliminate bacterial infections. So don't worry too much, girls.
     Don't worry too much, the vagina is much stronger than we think.
If some of you are still very concerned about it, it is absolutely fine to wear a condom.It's not a problem.

     But in the choice of condoms can be a little discretionary.
Now on the market common condom use of lubricants are mainly two: water tomb lubricant and silicone-based lubricant. Lubricant and silicon-based lubricant.
      Among them, silicon-based lubricants will occur with silicone toys
The silicon-based lubricant can damage the silicone products by chemical reaction.
Obviously cleaned the toy correctly, but the toy still faded reason ~

     The newbie cutie's worries are solved, there are other concerns can also Come and discuss with us!
Or what other good or odd toys do you know, say it shock everyone!


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