Experience Of Using Magic Kiss

Experience Of Using Magic Kiss

I'm late ~ 🫒
This is an article about theMagic Kiss experience, I hope it can bring help to the small change that is hesitant to get! 🧐

I remember when I got the delivery that day it was already dusk 😏, at that time I could not wait to unpack it, waiting for days oh who understands.

What caught the eye is shown in the following picture:

Yes, it is this cute and lovable look πŸ’, I took it in my hand and squeezed a particularly smooth feel πŸ™€, a little softer than my mp2 especially the tail piece (the thought of her later become one of my beloved toys I was particularly happy). I read the manual carefully, about charging and cleaning I read more carefully, charged it up, can't wait for the process I did not idle, I read some reviews about him, are:
"Sisters, I can not last a minute"
"With her I became πŸ’¦πŸ’¦"
"Magic Kiss yyds"

And so on with these words. I fell into an infinite reverie and couldn't help but think that I usually vibrate my own little yd with other love objects when I would also "poof" (that is, you have to turn it up to the maximum gear to reach it, or a little difficult), with this should be a breeze ....

Went to charge up, I linked the app, which is the following kind of interface
Eight modes, eight sensations:
I changed into my favorite set of clothes, wiped theMagic Kiss cutie clean, lying on the bed,Β ready to enjoy theΒ Magic Kiss to bring me pleasure.

A little nervous, I tried the eight sensations in turn. First, the soft kiss πŸ‘… I took theMagic Kiss and slid it around my inner thighs and pistil. When theMagic Kiss little tongue gently crossed my skin πŸ₯° I felt that he was like a gentle gent who was testing my heart;

The sip and kiss πŸ‘… might be a little more outward than before, I tried it on the little πŸ‡ and the feeling was just the right amount of tingling to relax my body immediately 😘;

By this time I was already a bit on top, and this time on the scene was boop kisses πŸ‘… and fudge kisses πŸ‘…, they were already a bit rough, making my little 🀣 vibrate at a high frequency, and while kissing I felt that a lot of love πŸ’¦ had flowed from deep in my bush, I tried it with my fingers and was very satisfied, closed my eyes and continued enjoying the pleasure brought to me by Mr. Magic Kiss;Β 
(I'll say a word here, probably my first time playing, I couldn't get πŸ‘… very well aligned with the small yd, and midway through I was a little afraid to stick too tight, resulting in occasional deviation from the course)

At this point I already felt the block g 🫑 (I admit I am a small party dish), I took it away, slowed down a few dozen seconds, opened to the French kiss πŸ‘… and radical kiss πŸ‘…, less than a minute, I came πŸ₯Ί! Just remember a small πŸ‘… crazy bite my little dd, let it excited again, while a πŸ’§ sense of intent let me want to go straight to the clouds, but because I did not pad waterproof pads I still subconsciously did not put theMagic Kiss stick so tight, slightly taken away a little (this you have to control themselves Oh), or else it will be a hair out of control! .....
Afterwards I tried the tail shock ~ gently ~ patted ~ stained πŸ’§πŸ’§ skin, soft, like a boyfriend in a gentle help me "clean up the mess", very happy oh 😭.

The first experience is here, the first time I played half an hour, gc three times, I feel that I have not been able to, after I got the devil stick (a will be heated cutie), I tried with two together, can ✈️✈️✈️, if there are cuties interested I can tell you the story of this devil stick.

But I'm still figuring out how ...... these two combinations should play out, I'll keep trying!

All in all, the phrase "can't last a minute" is really not an exaggeration. I myself belong to a sensitive body, as long as his πŸ‘… touched me, I will ... later I am slowly exploring its wonders, but also find the soul of the fit to accompany me with it to try, and it is not surprising than a person playing the feeling will be different.
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